Mandiri Sekuritas
Registration Preparation

Before starting please prepare:

Photo of your e-KTP and selfie with your e-KTP
Photo of your NPWP
Personal Bank Account Information
Mother's name information on Family Card
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Every citizen who has an income and meets the legal age requirement for tax payment must pay taxes; therefore, for such person, NPWP is one of the mandatory requirements when registering to invest.

By not filling in your NPWP data, you are willing and agree to have a higher tax rate in accordance with tax regulations, one of which is dividends.

To open an account at Mandiri Sekuritas, prospective account-holders are required to have an Electronic KTP (eKTP) in accordance with Regulations No. 24 of 2013 that is an Amendment to Regulations No. 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration, which forms the basis of the identity of a person who is an Indonesian citizen.

The process to open an account may take around 4-7 business days, with the following steps::

  1. Creation of MOST account (at this stage, you shall receive a USER ID and a password that you may use to login to MOST using a Trial Account that is valid for 30 days). In order to get a Transaction PIN, please proceed to the next stage of ''Completion of the Registration Form''.
  2. Completion of the Registration Form (Mandiri Sekuritas shall proceed with the account opening process after you have filled and signed the registration form).
  3. Activation (after you have obtained a Customer Fund Account (RDN) and a Securities Account (SE) then account will be activated and you can immediately start investing).

You may reach Mandiri Sekuritas through the following channels:

  1. Care Center-Phone: 14032
  2. Care Center-E-mail :
  3. Twitter: @mandiri_OLT
  4. Facebook : Mandiri Sekuritas Online Trading
  5. Instagram: @mandiri_sekuritas
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